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The Importance of External Marketplaces

The Importance of External Marketplaces

Mike A.Mike A.General
Oct 15, 20235 minute read

As multiple industries continue to move away from physical products and charge forward into an all-digital future, consumers have a double-edged sword to deal with.

While the overall convenience and ease of use of digital media is undeniable, it also means things can get more expensive.

WAY more expensive.

Let's do a little thought experiment.

Get ready to flex those brain muscles
Get ready to flex those brain muscles. (Image Source: Milad Fakurian on Unsplash.com)

Imagine you're 10 years into the future. Sony and Microsoft's newest consoles don't have disk drives, so all games being released for the current generation are digital only. And, since both Sony and Microsoft maintain their own marketplaces, they have full control over what is charged for each game, at all times.

$80, $90, or even $100 video game releases become common. Discounts become almost non-existent outside of limited, specific holiday sales. Console gaming on two out of three major platforms becomes unattainable for most people, and Nintendo isn't too far behind in implementing similar practices.

They're just always a few years behind.

This is a nightmare.

This is probably what the $100 video game future looks like. (Image Source: Dikaseva on Unsplash.com)
This is probably what the $100 video game future looks like. (Image Source: Dikaseva on Unsplash.com)

If things continue on the path they're currently on, this is the future we could be dealing with.

If only there was a way to prevent this from happening.

If only there were other services to compete with for consumer dollars.

Thankfully, Gameflip exists.

Gameflip is here to save the day! (Image Source: Gameflip.com)
Here to save the day! (Image Source: Gameflip.com)

Along with a number of other digital marketplaces, Gameflip provides digital goods at reasonable and sometimes even downright cheap prices. This gives platform holders like Sony and Microsoft incentive to keep their prices in check, which benefits all gamers whether they have a ton of money in the bank or not.

It's just basic economics. The more companies that offer similar or even the same products, the more competition there is for business. Consumers want the best bang for their buck, and that usually means shopping around for the best price instead of picking something up from the first place that offers it. Especially when it comes to gaming.

Gamers are shrewd customers, and we at Gameflip know that. That's why we always strive to provide our users with access to the most popular games at the best prices.

We operate on the idea that gaming is more than a hobby, and is something that should be accessible to people around the world. That means you shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg to expand your game library, or play the latest titles.

And while we specialize in video game deals, that's not all we're good for! For example, we also carry gift cards for a number of different outlets and retailers, including:

What about other sites?

There aren't any Gameflip delivery trucks...yet. (Image Source: Andrew Stickelman on Unsplash.com)
There aren't any Gameflip delivery trucks...yet. (Image Source: Andrew Stickelman on Unsplash.com)

Gameflip is already a sizable force in the industry of digital marketplaces. With more than eleven million items sold and more than six million registered accounts, we're definitely not a company to scoff at.

Despite the great strides we have made so far, we still have a long way to go before we can compete with places like Amazon or Walmart. Those are the major players, and we are making the most of every opportunity we get to grow as big as major sites and offer the best games and services.

We know that kind of growth can only come from happy customers, and that's why we do everything we can to create a safe selling platform filled with listings of the best brands and games in the business. At the same time, we're building out our own brand on our ability to protect our users from negative experiences with features like the Gameflip Guarantee.

We know that other sites can't offer services like that, and that's how we're changing the game while also saving you money.

This won't be easy.

We're ready to get our hands dirty. (Image Source: Jesse Orico on Unsplash.com)
We're ready to get our hands dirty. (Image Source: Jesse Orico on Unsplash.com)

Building out websites and business opportunities in modern times never is.

However, we've made this our mission from day one, and we're doing pretty well so far. Maybe one day Sony and Microsoft will try to lock everything down to their own digital marketplaces, and maybe they won't. All we can do in the meantime is ensure our customers feel like winners from the moment a purchase is completed, and continue to create a platform that strives to exist among some of the best websites in the world. Where gamers can buy games, explore their options, and participate in a marketplace of millions of users.

There's always more to learn, and we hope that you'll find in your hearts to grow and change along with us.

Thanks for visiting the Gameflip Blog! Be sure to check back often for more great video game content, the latest deals, and notices of major changes or events in the marketplace.

Until the next blog, see you next time!

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