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Introducing the Gameflip Blog!

Introducing the Gameflip Blog!

Mike A.Mike A.General
Oct 12, 20236 minute read

Doesn't it seem like everything around us is getting more expensive?

Think about the last time you went to the supermarket or just about any store. The cost of essentials has skyrocketed, and price of things associated with leisurely activities and hobbies has gone up along with them. Because of that, the things you love, the things you do in your free time to unwind, are falling by the wayside. It's too expensive to keep up with the things you need to, you know, keep living, so fun things go right out the window.

Especially video games. That one hurts the most.

But, what if they didn't have to?

What if there was a place willing to bring you the best content, the newest releases, and the latest digital goods all at affordable prices?

What if there was one last bastion of fun in a world gone mad?

Thankfully, there is.

We are honored to introduce you to the Gameflip blog, an extension of the fantastic Gameflip marketplace that is dedicated to bringing you the latest news, coverage of top gaming trends, and - most importantly - the best deals you'll find on the internet.

Now, we invite you to sit back and relax as we use this very first blog entry to show you some of the awesome things you can expect from this space going forward.

Carefully Curated Deals

Person playing Xbox Series S/X with controller
Get ready to start your gaming adventure... on the cheap! (Image Source: Jeshoots on Unsplash.com)

Let's start this off right.

You want to keep playing the video games you love, but you want to save money in the process.

We get it, we're gamers too.

Being the only person in a friend group who has to sit out on the launch night Discord call is rough, but we want to ensure that kind of situation is a thing of the past.

How are we going to accomplish that? What is our plan?

1) Bring Awareness to the Great Deals on the Gameflip Marketplace

This part should go without saying. If you're on this blog, you've probably already skimmed through some of what we offer on the main site. Every day, Gameflip's coalition of buyers lists new items, fluctuate their prices, and contribute to the overall state of the marketplace.

With thousands upon thousands of sellers, it can be difficult or even impossible to keep track of all the latest happenings. So every week, the Gameflip Blog Spotlight will highlight a few of the best deals that have popped up so you can make the best purchasing decision for your needs.

What Can You Expect from the Gameflip Blog Spotlight?

Deals on games and digital goods!

Nintendo Switch surrounded with Pokemon miniatures
Your one-stop shop for digital games on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch! (Image Source: Brandon Skeli on Unspslash.com)

Some other video game deal-based websites only offer game codes for Steam. We get it, Steam is the default place to play for many people, but it's far from the only place for PC gamers to get their games. That's why Gameflip has them all.

Steam, Epic Games, EA Origin, Ubisoft Connect, GOG, even BATTLENET, they're all here. When there's a launcher-exclusive game on the horizon, Gameflip has your back.

The same goes for all of your digital good needs. Looking to spice up your gameplay with some cosmetics? Want to make sure you never miss the best parts of a season or limited-time events? Some sellers offer cosmetics for certain games directly, and you can also purchase a myriad of gift cards for your service-based games to you have all of the in-game currency you need to stay stylish.

And, this might come as a surprise to you, but Gameflip doesn't only host PC games and goods. We also carry digital codes for other platforms! PlayStation games, Xbox games, and - yes, Nintendo fans - even Switch games. Wherever there are high quality games to be played, whether it's a console or PC launcher, Gameflip supports it. Let's see the PlayStation Blog do that!

Regardless of where you enjoy your gaming time, Gameflip wants to make sure that you get the best experience at the best price, certainly better than what Microsoft or the PlayStation Store can offer in terms of price.

Deals on accessories!

Xbox Series S/X controller
Smashed controller? Get a deal on a fresh one. (Image Source: Javier Martinez on Unsplash.com)

Gameflip has more than just video games on offer.

In need of a new Xbox Wireless Controller after a particularly frustrating game of Warzone? We got it. Need an extra headset, or a few extra PlayStation controllers so you can play with your friends? Just search the marketplace, it's all there.

Gaming doesn't begin and end with the titles you purchase. Sometimes you need an accessory or peripheral to make your experience complete, and Gameflip wants to make sure you don't pay too much for any of that either. Go ahead, browse the marketplace. You might be surprised by what you find!

And, as always, when you buy with Gameflip, all of your purchases are bound by the Gameflip Guarantee. If anything is wrong, you can enjoy a full refund, no questions asked.

Deals on movies!

If you thought that Gameflip was only dedicated to bringing you the best prices for video games and related products, you're mostly right.

HOWEVER, we also have an entire selection of movies available for purchase!

You can safely buy some of the latest releases for way cheaper than what they're being offered on other digital platforms, and we even have a collection of classics at HD resolution or higher. Ah, the wonders of technology.

2) Highlight External Deals

Playstation 5 Console with controller near it
Still need a PS5? We can help with that! (Image Source: Triyanish Gill on Unsplash.com)

As incredible as Gameflip is, we don't always have everything.

For those rare times, the Gameflip blog will also highlight relevant deals from major stores like Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and more. If you still need a PS5, an Xbox Series X, or its sibling with slightly less processing power - the Xbox Series S - you're probably going to want to know when you can pick up those consoles for cheaper.

We hear you, and we're on it.

Oh, and to make sure that we're still able to help you in each step of your purchase process, Gameflip also carries gift cards to all of these major retailers as well as digital storefronts like the Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation Store, and Microsoft's Xbox subscription services like Game Pass Ultimate. Did you think we were just going to throw you to the wolves? Absolutely not!

Now, it's time for us to get down to business.

In order to continue to facilitate your video gaming adventure, we need to make sure our website (and this blog) are always up to date and current with the latest tech and news. We hope that everyone reading this will join our other users as Gameflip customers after seeing the dedication we have to bringing you the best deals, connecting buyers and sellers, and making sure we support every platform.

Watch this space for all of the deals and news you crave, and we'll see you again real soon.

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