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About Us
Hello, welcome to THT - Truly Honest Trader's Fortnite Gameflip page! Our team has been playing Fortnite Save the World since day 1 (July 21, 2017 ) and Fortnite Battle Royal since its original experimental test release (Aug 2, 2017). We're a
team of mostly STW players. We're most known for our Legacy and God Roll schematics. Our team is team is always will to help you in quest. Check our Fornite Gigs for XP, Evo, Endurance, SSD and Event Carries.

Our Fortnite team has over 1 and half years of Fornite PVE and PVP experience.
We're dedicated to providing best Fornite STW services possible. We take pride in offering our customers the best tested rolls on all of our schematic packages. Our in game items and gig services are 100% guaranteed. If we don't deliver as promised, a full refund will be issued.

When you shop with THT, we reward patience. If you're kind and patient, you might get a surprise bonus gift! We can't be online 24/7, hope you understand!

We support all platforms and in most regions:

Save the World(PVP) support is available on Fortnite PS4, Fortnite Xbox, Fortnite PC and Fortnite Mac.
Battle Royale support is available on Fortnite PS4, Fortnite Xbox, Fortnite PC, Fortnite Mac, Fortnite Android and Fortnite iOS(Iphones and ipads).

Fortnite players in many regions and time zones including: Europe, Asia, Russia/CIS, Australia/NZ and Middle East may experience a delay in delivery.

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