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English (Native), Chinese - Singapore (Fluent)


😘 Online - Singapore Timing - 9AM to 9PM 😘 (Mainly Online During Weekends) (I Work During Weekdays)
😄 Offline - Singapore Timing - 10PM to 8AM (Sleep and Rest) 😄

💖 Gameflip Forums Helper 💖 Read My Gameflip Timeline At the Bottom If Interested! 😅

🍋 MOST ASKED QUESTIONS 🍋 (Scroll Down to the bottom see the other Questions + Answers)

🤔 Question - Why do you sell on Gameflip when you have a Job?
✅ Answer - I do this for fun and reviews. I also like to help people with Questions.

🤔 Question - Why did you Block me?
✅ Answer - Very Simple. You did one of the following :
1. Try to Scam Me.
2. Advertising your Items on my Listings.
3. Begging me to sell you an item for a Very Low Price.
4. Toxic and Rude to Me.
5. Making Fake Stories and telling me to buy your items outside of Gameflip.

🤔 Question - Can I resell the items I buy from you?
✅ Answer - Yes you can! Just don't Copy my Picture and Description when Reselling. 😂

🍺 Some Prices are Fixed ,Some are Negotiable.
You Respect me and I will also Respect you. 🍺

🔔Gentle Reminder🔔 Do not Buy from People who sell Items that are Unreasonable Cheap. Most likely they are trying to Scam You!

🏃 Fastest Delivery 🏃 If I am online, See My Online Timings Above, I will reply within 1-10 minutes of purchase. 😁

😢 I do not have other Accounts. Anyone pretending to be me will be Reported With Proof. Unreasonable Bad Ratings will also be Reported. 😢

🔥 Please do not Ignore my messages. It will Result in a Block. 🔥

😟 Please Send a Message after Buying an Item. Please Include the Timezone you are in and your Online Timings. 😟

💖I mainly sell In game items for Roblox 💖

⚔️I Play Roblox, Runescape 3, Fortnite and More.
I’m Maxed with 120 Divination on Runescape 3. ⚔️

🌷 I like Pink 🌷

❗ Basic Rules ❗

1️⃣ Please Rate after every transaction. I will rate after you rate to ensure that there is NO trolling.

2️⃣ Rude People and Trolls are NOT Allowed. If you decide to Troll , be Rude or even try to Scam, It will result in an Instant BLOCK.

3️⃣ Please Complete Transaction after I have given the Item. Please Rate as Well Afterwards.

4️⃣ Please do not COPY/USE my pictures and descriptions without Approval. If you want to use it, you can ask me first. If you use it without my permission, I will Report with Proof.

5️⃣ Any Questions are Allowed. I will try my best to answer all of it. Just comment under any of my items. Troll/Stupid Questions will also result in an Instant BLOCK.

🌀Common Questions and Answers 🌀

🤔 Question - Why do you have such Rules?
✅ Answer - This Rules are in place to Prevent Unnecessary Trolls and Conflicts. I am not going to Waste Time on Them.

🤔 Question - Can I buy this item tomorrow?
✅ Answer - Yes, you can. I can reserve an item up to a maximum of 3 Days before putting it back on Sale.

🤔 Question - What Happens if I reserve an item but after 3 Days, I just Ignore you?
✅ Answer - You will get Blocked for Trolling.

🤔 Question - Can you sell this item Cheaper?
✅ Answer - Yes, I can sell items Cheaper Sometimes. Just ask under my Listing. But I won't make Items Cheaper every Single Time.

🤔 Question - Are you Sparkling_Juice on Gameflip Forums?
✅ Answer - Yes, feel free to ask any Questions on my listings or on Forums. (DM Me if on Forums) DM Means Direct Message.

🤔 Question - You have a lot of it, why can't you sell it cheaper?
✅ Answer - It will be Unfair to other Buyers who Bought the same Listing as you.

🤔 Question - What happens if I keep Asking for Extra Items after We meet in Game?
✅ Answer - As I use my Main Account to Sell BGS Items, some people see my inventory in Game and ask for Extras. It might Result in a Block. It is both unfair to my other buyers and it just shows that you are Greedy.

😴 If you have made it so far, Well Done! You are Awesome! 😴

👑 More About Myself (My Gameflip Journey) Updates Every Month. 👑

👘 December 2018.. First Found Gameflip and made an account. 👘
💦 Late December 2018 💦 - Starting Selling Bubble Gum Simulator Pets + Runescape 3 Gold. (Those were my first Sales)
🎅🏻 January 2019 🎅🏻- Verified Gameflip Account and continued Selling Bubble Gum Simulator Pets and Runescape 3 Gold and some other Roblox Game Items.
👩🏻‍🌾 February to April 2019 👩🏻‍🌾- Stopped Selling Runescape 3 Gold. Starting selling Robux, Flipping Limited Items on Roblox to Earn Robux to Sell and selling Mining Simulator Items as well. Sold other Roblox Game Items as well (Example - Assassin Knives)
🍓 April - October 2019 🍓 - Took a long Break, But Still Sold around Two Hundred Listings within the few Months. (Considered Very Less)
🌽 October 2019 to 31 December 2019🌽 - Stopped selling Robux. Only Sold Certain Roblox Game Items. Became Active on Gameflip Forums.
🥓 1 Janurary 2020 to 29 March 2020 🥓 - I Work now, selling mainly on Weekends. Still Selling Quite a Selection of Roblox Game Items . (FYI - CornaVirus Broke Out!)
🐤 30 March 2020 to 21 April 2020 🐤 - Still Working, began Selling More. (FYI - CornaVirus is Still Here, more Dangerous!) Very Active on Gameflip Forums!
🦄 22 April 2020 - 2 May 2020 🦄 - Helper on Gameflip Forums! Helping People with Questions and Keep Forums a Safe Environment. Still Selling Quite a Lot of Roblox In Game Items.
🍇 3 May 2020 - 17 June 2020 🍇- Singapore Circuit Breaker untill 2 June 2020. Still Very Active On Gameflip Forums. Selling More Roblox In Game Items.
👸🏻 18 June 2020 - Current 👸🏻 - Still Selling Roblox In Game Items and Helping People on Gameflip Forums. Back to Work as Singapore is Going into Phase 2 (Covid)

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