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🔸 Currently - ❄️ Online - Delivery Time [1 - 60min] ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ❄️ 🔸
❄️Don't spam me PLEASE !!!❄️
❄️ Online ❄️ Usualy (~16UTC or ~18GTM) to (~5UTC or ~7GTM)
💤 Offlnie 💤 If not responding long time (as up)
🔸Delivery time depends on the number of orders 1- 60 min (Only when I'm Online)
When im Offlnie then delivery time can be even 16 hours (So be aware of this)🔸

🔸 When You making order please write your EpicID in the Player name box (username if You have me added)
If something is wrong with amounts just let me know and i will check it.
You are responsible for the people who are in your game !!!
I do not accept returns after delivery items. 🔸

🔸 Neutral/Negative - Instantly block on the future 🔸

🔸 If You buying from me that mean You accepting my rules. 🔸

(If You don't know person in Your game then just kick then or make private game - Always that You are OWNER!)
(Canceling all orders from Toxic and Spamming customers. The same for joing to party (+Blocking on the future))

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