The Legacy Man (Restocking)

The Legacy Man (Restocking)

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Thanks for reading.!

having any questions dm me on discord: just_thomasK#6363

-✅- means that I’m online.
-❌- mean that I’m offline.
-📦- means that I’m restocking my storage.
-📦✅- means I’m restocking and can deliver.
Order now and get it as soon as possible ‘ASAP’

Im a Fortnite save the world player on Ps4 but I can deliver all platforms

Need a certain item but ain’t In my advertising’s comment on something what u need.! And I’ll comment back.!

Pc player no worries I can add u trough epic games and can deliver it u😉.!

I live in the Netherlands Europe time zone (+2:00 Greenwich mean time).

I’ll make bundles if u need more then 1 item with a discount.!

Have a happy husky hunting day, stay cool 😎 don’t die.!