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X Productions (Online)

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Discord - lion#4571
We Are X-Productions Founded 2017, We are group of people that would like to cooperate with gameflip community to provide the best marketing and services experience , We are Bunch of people introducing best professional service to this community.
Our Merch Store - https://teespring.com/stores/x-productions
our following services
1-'Music Production' (if you want a personal background music for your youtube videos or however)

2-'Web Designing' (we are providing best editing exp to make your site look shiny and a modern beauty

3-'Photoshop/Illustration Designing' (we also provide best designing exp..if you want a professional personal private logo for your social links/site/hobby/covers)

4-'Rocket League items" (we also provide selling in-game items

5-'Ghost Producing' (dreaming to have a song that is belong to you and has your name on it? here in X Production we could make your dream come true !)

*NOTICE* - our all products are ' royal to the buyer only '
*NOTICE* - your stuff will be made and given within 1 day with exception of holidays.