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Chinese - Singapore (Fluent), English (Native)


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✔ Prices are Negotiable ✔
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Any questions can be sent to:
or comment on a product that you are interested in and i will reply you


Please do your own due diligence and check the region/platform before buying. Not all my codes are GLOBAL and some have region restriction. Finally, do remember to complete transaction and rate(optional) after you claim the code as i rather not wait for 3 days for the transaction to auto complete. Thank you.

*********************Instant Delivery*********************

I only sell instant delivered codes unless it cannot be prevented (Rocket League items). This is to speed up the process, and is much more convenient for buyers and me as well. If there is anything wrong with the code, i'll demand evidence which would allow me to claim a new code.


No refunds will be given if you buy the wrong item or did not check the region/platform. Only time i'd give a refund is when i list it wrongly.

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