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!!!!!!!!!!Please redeem code when you purchase!!!!!!!!

Many codes i sell have more then 1 redeem. As i never sell the full code after 1 version is sold, after order is complete I then place the 2nd version up for sale. If the buyer decides to purchase the code and not redeem waiting a very long time to do so and the buyer of the 2nd code takes your copy " THAT IS CONSIDERED YOUR FAULT, NOT MINE ". I now have to say this as I have just had this happen and i was deemed at fault by the buyer who completed his order, then rated me poorly because he decided to wait 2 weeks.

I don't refund $ for any reason except if the code is no good for some reason. So always read the description of the code and verify you don't own prior to purchase. I will always put where codes redeem and if they port.

Offers are always welcome

Thank you and happy shopping

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