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Improve your skills, rank up faster, and become a better player to win more! Play FORTNITE with Pros to perform at peak level and enjoy the game even further!

You deserve experienced highly-skilled players as coaches or teammates to give you winner feedback on the spot. Pick your FORTNITE Pro below and start your first session right now!

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Evil Knievel  
Rank: Contender I Specialty: Building, Aiming 
$10.00 USD
Save the world progression  
Specialty: Building 
$10.00 USD
Nabih berri  
Specialty: Aiming, Rotating, Building Rank: Champion I 
$10.00 USD and up
Rank: Champion III Specialty: Building, Aiming, Rotating 
$10.00 USD and up
Rank: Champion III Specialty: Building, Aiming, Rotating 
$10.00 USD and up
Specialty: Aiming 
$12.00 USD and up
Fortnite CHAMPION boosting (3 DAYS MAX)  
Rank: Champion III Specialty: Aiming, Building 
$25.00 USD
YT GshElectro   
Rank: Contender III Specialty: Building, Aiming 
$10.00 USD and up
Rank: Champion III Specialty: Aiming, Rotating, Building 
$15.00 USD and up
Specialty: Aiming, Building, Rotating 
$10.00 USD
Fortnite CARRY IN ARENA DUO! (4200 PR!)   
Rank: Champion III Specialty: Aiming, Building 
$10.00 USD and up
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How play with Pros Work


Choose the Pro you would like to play with and purchase a session.


The Pro will contact you and provide details about the session.


Hop in-game and join the Pro in a party to learn and dominate!

Join our Pro Gamer roster and start earning today!

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Fortnite: A battle royale competition like no other

Besides the usual tactics to win in most battle royale shooter games, like strategically choosing a spot to drop in the map, looting the equipment for survival and eliminating other players on an open-world combat environment, Fortnite winners need to understand the game's unique building mechanics and be fast and smart about it to achieve consistent results in competitive matches.

It’s said that the more you play, the better you become in a game. We completely agree with this approach, but sometimes you may reach a point where your performance is not on par with your expectations on becoming a better player, ranking higher and most importantly, enjoying your competitive matches consistently. To reach your potentials, you may need help from coaches, experienced and skilled professional players.

That is why we at Gameflip are now offering a new option for you and all gamers that are looking to improve their skills in competitive gaming: Play With Pros. Find a Pro that you like for and join them in the game to learn new tricks while you play. Our Pros are highly skilled players, peak performers that dominate the highest ranks of competitive gaming and are ready to join you in-game for a session. If you’re looking for a trainer, a teammate, or a coach, Play With Pros got you! Start browsing now our roster of Pros and pick the best-suited talent for your competitive journey.

Learn new building strategies, become more agile and find more ways to get all those Victory Royales today! Hire your Pro, start a session and GG!

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