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PSN - Full-Service Mod Bundle

I listed several bundles in this auction to make it easier to find additional items.  I will join your game several times.  Please select the correct bundle for the items you want or send me a correction.

Full-Service Bundle - Includes every bundle listed in this auction. Modded Items, Vault Card Keys, Power Level, Eridium, and Max Skill Points.  Please let me know if you don't want or need a specific bundle.

400+ Modded Item Bundle - Includes 400+ Custom designed modded items.  I scoured the internet for some really neat and powerful items.  Items are either Level 1 or 72.  Overpowered, Broken, and Fun!  This also includes multiple max cash drops $99,999,999, XP Items, Lag and Teleport Items.  Most Pictures have been attached.  If you purchase a picture only auction, you'll receive the 300+ Modded Item Bundle.  

Vault Card Key Bundle - Includes 600 of each vault card keys.  Welcome to Pandora, Fallen Heroes, Bunker Masters.  This bundle also includes hundreds of Diamond Keys.

Power Level to 72 Bundle - Level up all 4 characters instantly.  I will drop a XP shield and grenade that needs to be equipped for each time.

Eridium Bundle - 999,999,999 Eridium. 

Custom Modded Item - (Buy1, Get 1 Free! Just add second item to the message.)  Modded Items are something that can't be found in-game.  All items can have a max of 63 parts.  Parts are Skills, Passives, Class Mod Types, Damage +5% etc.  Items have default parts that can't be removed.  Any item can have up to 15 anointments, and these do not count as parts.  Items don't have to be heavily modded to fall in this category. An example a regular shock Re-Volter changed to a fire Re-Volter with no damage increase.

Example: A Class Mod has 1 Legendary Part, 1 Class Part, 1 Mod Type Part, the rest can be changed.  A Class Mod with 4 extra Mod Types (4 Parts), 3 Skills with 15 of each (45 parts), and 10 passives (10 Parts). 59 Parts+3 Default Parts = 62 Parts (Safe) +15 Anointments 

Few Rules:  Can't use different manufacturer parts.  Jakobs can't have a Maliwan scope but can have any Jakobs scope.  If a skill isn't already on a classmod, it probably isn't available.  Please ask if you have any questions.

Custom Legit Item - (Buy1, Get 3 Free! Just add all items to the message.) Legit Items can be found in-game.  These can be customized with existing parts and 1 anointment on shields, grenades, and guns.  Best resource is  I've only noticed an item or 2 with issues...Out of 100s

Example: - no i don't work for them, just a really good resource.

No Rules but:  Small Mag = +10% Damage, Medium Mag = 0% Damage, Large Mag = -10% Damage

I will deliver in-game within 24 hours after first communication.

Delivery Process

1.  I will send communication, request a SHiFT in-game friend request, and we schedule a time for delivery.

Delivery Process:

1.  I will send a communication asking for an in-game SHiFT friend request. 

2.  I will join your game and drop the requested items or I will have you join me.

3.  I'll mark the order shipped once complete.

Bundles require an online console subscription for me to join. (Gamepass or PSPlus) 

Less than 10 items can be mailed every hour. Single Items requested will be delivered through the SHiFT in-game mail system.  

My Schedule:

I work Mon-Fri, 8am - 5pm CST.  I'll be available to deliver anytime outside of those hours.  I can deliver within those timeframes with advanced notice.  Weekends included!

If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thank you!!

Questions are public and asked by users, not Gameflip. Stay safe by not sharing personal information like your name, payment information and game platform accounts.

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