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2 years ago

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By purchasing an image from IliTy Graphic's, you will have access to a 100% customizable logo:
- The skin: You can choose any Fortnite skin (I also take the skins just leaked)
- The text: You can put your own nickname ranging from 1 to 56 characters.
- Color: You can choose the main color for the background.
- Additional content: You can add anything you want, such as an emote, a dance, an item or a glider...

All this will be delivered by email (and Gameflip messages) in 10 minutes/24 hours (max).
If you want to receive your order very quickly, please see me directly with your choices (skin, text, color...) and your email address to be able to communicate the photo in high definition (2000x2000 pixels)
For a perfect speed, you can see my availability here: 6 A.M to 21 P.M GTM (here you can consult the GMT time:
Please don't spam me, if I don't answer it means I'm sleeping or in class.

If you have a problem or you are not 100% satisfied, please contact me by Gameflip message to fix the problem or redesign your logo.
If you want to have something else in my shop, I can make you cheaper offers if you have already bought from me.
If you have a question before buying, you can ask me under this post or send me a message at .

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