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Competitive rocket league player. +2k mmr level. Member of Proboosting page. Experience helping to rank up. More than 5 years of experience at the game in tournaments, leagues... Ask me for any question and any type of help (extra modes, privates, training, rankeds, casuals...) and we negociate the price. 100% win rate.

⚠️ Please, before hiring, read the following ⚠️

🕜 Availability: I have time for you and I can respond your messages but I am not available 24/7, I have stuff to do IRL. Therefore, I will request you to schedule the day/hour you would like me to be available via a small ‘form’ that should be filled before hiring.

💰 Price: 10$ is the standard price.

📝 Fill this ‘form’ before hiring (or just type this basic information I need, I do not need you to send me an actual form):

1. Actual rank:

2. Desired rank:

3. Amount of sessions:

4. Server:

5. When would you like to play?:

📶 I am from Europe but I can play Middle East and US servers (higher latency but not a problem). If you are from further away (Oceania, South Africa, etc.) but you want me to play with you regardless higher ping, it would be perfect IF YOU do not care and you accept it.

🎮 I am a PC player but I can help you no matter what platform you play in. Cross-platform was implemented a long time ago.

The best way to get in contact with me and start talking is to click the button that says “Contact Seller” to the right on my name.

MD me if you wanna help :)
Grand Champion
South America
South Africa
Asia SE-Maritime
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Juega una sesión de 3 horas con el Pro
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