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Champ or GC Tournament Wins!

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😎Hello! I am a Grand Champion and Top 100 Rocket League player. My peak MMR is 2000. I am SSL in all 3 of the main game modes (1s, 2s, and 3s). I have been playing rocket league since it came out on Xbox (February 17, 2016). While on Xbox, I was always in the Top 10 players in 1s and 2s. In Season 8, I started playing on PC. I have been Grand Champion since Season 8 and have been SSL since then. In total, throughout all my time playing, I have over 8,000 Hours of play time. 😎

📦For this package, I will guarantee you either 1 Champ or GC (whichever you prefer) tournament win. For a Champ tournament win, it's $30 and for a GC tournament win, it's $40. (This includes me getting a High SSL 3rd to play with us. To qualify to purchase the Champ tournament win, you can be any rank. However, to qualify for the GC tournament win, you must at least be Champ 1. If we don't win the tournament after your purchase, then you will receive your money back or we could try again. 100% up to you. If you'd like to purchase 1 Champ tournament win, then buy the 1 hour listing. If you'd like to purchase 1 GC win tournament win, then buy the 2 hour listing. (They have nothing to do with time. They are 1 tournament win each.) If you'd like to purchase more than 1 tournament win, we can talk about winning more than 1 while or after we win the first. 📦

⏰I usually respond to messages within 10 minutes unless I am asleep(I'm US Central Time Zone). Most of the time, I can play the same day that you are wanting to play unless it's late and I'm about to get off.⏰

❓Why should I choose you to help me win a tournament over everyone else?

❗️I have been helping people achieve the ranks they want for over 2 years now and haven't had a single unsatisfied customer. I am one of the most experienced Gig sellers on Gameflip✅

👉However, if you are interested in playing 2s or 3s rank ups, I have other listings on my page for that. For a 2s rank up, it is $18 per hour and for 3s, it is $28 per hour (3s is more expensive because I'd be getting a High SSL 3rd for us to play with).👈

👀If you don’t see what you are looking for, then send me a private message of what you are looking for and I’ll make a specific package for you.👀

❓If you have any other questions, message me.❓

💬The BEST way to get in touch with me is to click the button that says “Contact Seller” to the right on my name.💬

➡️Also, i can play US East and US West Servers. ⬅️


Grand Champion
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