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Play With Pros Rocket League

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3s Rank Up With 2 HIGH SSLs

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😎Hello! I am a Grand Champion and Top 100 Rocket League player. My peak MMR is 2000. I am SSL in all 3 of the main game modes (1s, 2s, and 3s). I have been playing rocket league since it came out on Xbox (February 17, 2016). In Season 8, I started playing on PC. I have been Grand Champion since season 8 and have been SSL since then. In total, throughout all my time playing, I have over 8,000 Hours of play time. 😎

📦For this package, I will grind competitive 3s with you for any amount of time (hours). This includes me getting a High SSL player to be our 3rd. However, if you don't want me to get a 3rd and you bring someone to play with us, then the price will be $22.50 per hour. (But with my 3rd, we have more of a chance to win more games). Up to you though. ( :📦

⏰I usually respond to messages within 10 minutes unless I am asleep(I'm US Central Time Zone). Most of the time, I can play the same day that you are wanting to play unless it's late and I'm about to get off.⏰

🚨IF WE DONT WIN MORE THAN 70% of our games, you get a FULL REFUND🚨

❓Why should I choose you to help me rank up over everyone else?

❗️With my Guarantee, I make sure you rank up or you don’t pay. I also have been helping people rank up for a little over 2 years now and haven't had a single unsatisfied customer and I am one of the most experienced Play With Pro/Gig sellers on Gameflip✅

👉However, if you are interested in playing 2s or a Champ/GC Tournament Win, I also have other listings on my page for that. It is a little less expensive for 2s, because I wouldn't have to get another High SSL player to be our 3rd.👈

👀If you don’t see what you are looking for, then send me a private message of what you are looking for and I’ll make a specific package for you.👀

❓If you have any other questions, message me.❓

💬The BEST way to get in touch with me is to click the button that says “Contact Seller” to the right on my name.💬

➡️Also, I can play US East and US West Servers.⬅️


Grand Champion
1-hour session with Pro
Play a 1-hour session with the Pro
60 minutes session | 1 day delivery
2-hour session with Pro
Play a 2-hour session with the Pro
120 minutes session | 2 days delivery
3-hour session with Pro
Play a 3-hour session with the Pro
180 minutes session | 3 days delivery