The Revolution Has Begun!

FLP is the new way to buy & sell your items on Gameflip. Powered by the Ethereum network, FLP utility tokens can now be used to pay for items, list and receive payments, make deposits and withdrawals on Gameflip.

How FLP Works

Win FLP Now

Every week, 10 sellers will be selected to WIN 1,000 FLP each.
List NOW and be one of the WINNERS!

But how does it work?

To enter this giveaway, you must simply list items priced in FLP or “both USD and FLP” on Gameflip. The selected winners will win a prize of 1,000 FLP each. Click here and start selling.

Further details:
Until the end of AUGUST, every week we will be selecting 10 random sellers who have at least 1 item listed for FLP or “USD and FLP” on Gameflip's marketplace to win the prize. Listings such as accounts, beta codes, random codes, counterfeit items and other forbidden items will be disqualified.


Visit our Help Center to learn more about FLP.