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Turn Your Unwanted Christmas Gift Cards into Cold, Hard Cash

Turn Your Unwanted Christmas Gift Cards into Cold, Hard Cash

Mike A.Mike A.General
Jan 9, 20246 minute read

It's been a few weeks now, how was your Christmas? Get lots of gifts? Spend all your gift cards?

If you're anything like us at Gameflip, there are probably one or two of those Christmas gift cards that are destined to sit in a forgotten pocket of your wallet for months or even years to come. For a long time, this was just the natural order of things - gift cards went unused, unwanted, and forgotten.

...but it doesn't have to be that way. Not anymore.

Now that the season of gift-giving has passed and everyone is beginning to take down their Christmas decorations, maybe now is the time to take stock of what's left over. With Gameflip, you can turn those spare Christmas gifts into real cash - and we're going to walk you through how you can do that right now!

So grab that stack of unused gift cards from Christmases long past, and let's make some money!

Step One: Join the Gameflip Community

A community of millions, right at your fingertips. (Image Source: Gameflip.com)

A community of millions, right at your fingertips. (Image Source: Gameflip.com)

To begin the alchemy-like process of turning your gift cards into cash, the first order of business is going to be joining the Gameflip community.

Making a Gameflip account is simple, all you need to do is click on "Register" in the "Sign In" drop-down menu, sign up with your email address, get verified (for the safety of both our buyers and sellers), and you're good to go! In addition to the ability to sell on the Gameflip marketplace, becoming a Gameflip member comes with a variety of other benefits, including an occasional discount code that will go straight to your email inbox.

Make money, save money. That's what Gameflip is all about!

Step Two: Identify What You're Selling

Check out all of the gift cards we support! (Image Source: Gameflip.com)

Check out all of the gift cards we support! (Image Source: Gameflip.com)

For the purposes of categorization and organization, Gameflip requires that you identify what you're going to be selling before you can list it.

To begin that process, hover over your account image in the top right corner, and click "Start Selling". On the following page, you'll see that Gameflip not only allows you to sell gift cards, games, and digital items, but also training sessions for competitive games as well as other professional services. However, for the purposes of this tutorial, you'll just need to click the top option, "I Have Something to Sell".

Here you'll see that there are even more options for things you can sell and make money on in the Gameflip marketplace, but you're just going to click "Gift Cards" for now. If you have other digital items or game content to sell, you can come back to this page later.

After clicking "Gift Cards", you'll see the many different options that Gameflip currently supports. We have all of the major bases covered, but if your gift cards don't fall into any of those categories, you can select "Other" to begin your listing.

Step 3: List your Gift Cards and Watch the Money Roll In

Getting your gift cards listed is fast and easy. (Image Source: Gameflip.com)

Getting your gift cards listed is fast and easy. (Image Source: Gameflip.com)

With your gift card type selected, all that's left to do is create an attractive listing for your sale items. Listings with clear, concise sentences and well-framed, focused images tend to perform the best, just as they would on any other online marketplace. If you think of a better way to word something or a way to better entice potential buyers, you can edit your created listings at any time. No need to worry about being locked into listings that aren't attracting buyers.

As you can see, the time commitment and effort involved in going from a regular person with some gift cards they'll never use to a Gameflip marketplace superseller is almost non-existent, and that's not even the best part. If you're wondering what makes Gameflip better than other online marketplaces across the internet, then read on to find out.

Why Should I List Items on Gameflip?

Massive Install Base of Potential Buyers

In case you're unaware, Gameflip has over six million registered users, many of whom are active on the Gameflip marketplace every single day. With that many eyes skulking the store for deals on the items that you're selling, the potential for fast sales and quick turnarounds is incredibly high.

Strong, Consistent Sales Numbers

As of right now, Gameflip has sold more than 11 million items across many categories. That's a number that's kind of difficult to fathom - we understand - but we boil that information down like this: Gameflip users are happy, comfortable, and satisfied with each transaction they make on our platform, and they come back often when they're looking for the best deals.

That's how we reached the current milestone of 100,000 items sold every month on average. Whether it's Fortnite V-Bucks, Counter-Strike 2 cosmetics, the latest PS5 game, or even your long-forgotten Best Buy gift card, you can rest assured that your listing will sell, and sell quickly.

Fast Payment, Low Fees

Let's face it, nobody wants to have to wait to be paid after their item sells online, and they don't want significant fees to be taken out of their earnings.

Having experienced the worst examples of these, we decided we were going to fix online selling when we created Gameflip. That means that when your item sells, you'll be able to quickly withdraw your earnings in any currency through a variety of services - including Bitcoin! As long as your account is verified, it's smooth sailing from start to finish.

As for fees, you're looking at a small percentage of your sales - anywhere from 8% to 10%. We use these fees to maintain the site and support the hard-working engineers and Gameflip staff that keep things running smoothly. Without our employees, we wouldn't be able to offer you the awesomeness you can find on the Gameflip marketplace at all times.

Let's make some money! (Image Source: Dmytro Demidko on Unsplash.com)

Let's make some money! (Image Source: Dmytro Demidko on Unsplash.com)

Gameflip prides itself on providing the support and services our customers need to grow their online businesses, and we hope you'll join their ranks. There is plenty of money on the table thanks to all of those unused holiday gift cards, so don't wait. Join the other Gameflip sellers and make some easy money today!

Also stay tuned to the Gameflip blog, where we will always have news on the latest happenings and developments for the site. For more awesome Gameflip content, you can follow us on X, Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook.

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