Top 6 Weapons in Fallout 76!

Top 6 Weapons in Fallout 76!

Alice ChambersAlice ChambersFallout 76
May 1, 20244 minute read

Hey, fellow Vault Dwellers! Ready to venture into the wilds of West Virginia in Fallout 76? Well, you're gonna need some serious firepower to survive. Today, we're diving into the crème de la crème of wasteland weaponry. Get ready for our roundup of the top 6 weapons in Fallout 76 that will turn you into a true survivor.

Let's jump right in!

1. Final Word - The Damage Dynamo

Final Word Fallout 76

A real mower right there! | Source: Bethesda

Numero uno on our list is the Final Word Gun, a heavy gun that's nothing short of a beast. Its damage output is through the roof, making it a favorite among both rookies and veterans. If you're looking to bring the pain in Fallout 76, this gun's for you.

Where to Find: Earn your right to wield this beast by completing the "Thicker than Water" quest. Rescue Beckett and receive the Final Word Gun as a well-deserved reward.

2. Grognak’s Axe - The Barbarian’s Dream

Grognak The Barbarian's axe

Grognak The Barbarian's Axe, an amazing homage to Conan! | Source: Bethesda

Grognak’s Axe isn’t just a weapon; it's a statement. This melee monster lets you channel your inner barbarian, offering massive damage for those who like to get up close and personal. Sure, it might be a rare find, but boy, is it worth the hunt!

Where to Find: Embrace your inner warrior by hunting legendary enemies in wild West Virginia. This rare drop can be yours if you're persistent enough in battling the likes of Ghouls, Miners, or Glowing Ones.

3. Plasma Grenade - The Explosive Expert

Fallout 4 Some of the Grenades of Fallout

Some of the grenades from Fallout 76 | Source: spartan22294

For those who like a bit of boom, the Plasma Grenade is your best friend. Mixing ballistic and energy damage, it’s perfect for crowd control. Whether you're clearing out a room or setting up an ambush, these bad boys pack a punch.

Where to Find: Craft your way to explosive power. Obtain the Plasma Grenade plan as a reward from quests like “Personal Matters” or “Earth Mover,” or try your luck at the Holiday Scorched Event.

4. Gatling Gun - The Crowd Controller

Gatling Gun In Fallout 76

Express delivery of LEAD | Source: Bethesda

Now, if you're into weapons that offer a satisfying balance of power and precision, the Gatling Gun is for you. Its high rate of fire and DPS make it ideal for handling hordes of enemies. Trust me, with this in your hands, you're a walking force of destruction.

Where to Find: To get your hands on this weapon, visit the Watoga Shopping Plaza or the Lucky Hole Mine. You can also obtain it as a reward for completing the ‘Defiance has Fallen’ tasks.

5. Quad Tesla Rifle - The Techno Tamer

Fallout 76 Quad Tesla Rifle

The absurd and absolute power house: the Quad Tesla Rifle | Source: Bethesda

Ever wanted to fry your enemies with some high-tech flair? The Quad Tesla Rifle has you covered. This electrifying marvel is fantastic for zapping crowds and keeping you in the action without constant reloading. It's a sci-fi enthusiast's dream weapon.

Where to Find: The Quad Tesla Rifle awaits those lucky enough to encounter it as a random legendary drop. Alternatively, try trading with other players to acquire this electrifying weapon.

6. Two Shot Experimental MIRV - The Nuclear War's Apocalypse Bringer

Two Shot Experimental MIRV Fatman

Also known as the Problem Solver 3000 | Source: Bethesda

Last but definitely not least, we have the Two Shot Experimental MIRV. This thing is like having a mini-nuke festival at your fingertips. It’s the go-to choice for decimating large groups of enemies or just causing total chaos. Not for the faint of heart, but oh, so satisfying!

Where to Find: Unleash mayhem with the Two Shot Experimental MIRV, available through random legendary drops or trading. Perfect for those looking to bring the big guns to any fight.

There you have it, folks - the top 6 weapons that will make your life in Fallout 76 a whole lot easier (and more fun). Whether you're a sniper, a brawler, or just someone who likes to see things go boom, there's something here for everyone. Remember, it’s not just about the weapon; it’s how you use it. Stay safe out there in the wasteland, and happy hunting!

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