Pet Simulator 99: Everything about rarity!

Pet Simulator 99: Everything about rarity!

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Jul 5, 20248 minute read

Pet Simulator 99, a captivating game on the Roblox platform, offers players a delightful journey into the world of virtual pets. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is discovering and collecting the rarest pets and eggs. These prized possessions not only enhance your collection but also provide significant gameplay advantages. In this guide, we will delve into the world of rare and exclusive pets and eggs in Pet Simulator 99, exploring where to find them, how to hatch them, and the benefits they bring.

The Thrill of Rarity

The allure of rare pets in Pet Simulator 99 lies in their uniqueness and the powerful abilities they often possess. Among these, huge pets stand out due to their rarity and desirability, making them highly sought after by players. These pets are typically harder to obtain, requiring players to invest time, effort, and sometimes in-game currency. The rarity of a pet is usually determined by its drop rate from eggs, with rarer pets having a significantly lower chance of hatching compared to common ones. Understanding the pet simulator 99 values is crucial, as rare pets often have higher values, making them coveted by players for both their utility and trade potential.

What are the rarities in Pet Simulator 99?

Of course, if we are talking about rarity, you need to understand every single tier the game has to offer, and how they rank between themselves, so you can start to learn about value and trading. Here they are:

  1. Basic: Represented by the color gray, Basic is the most common rarity in the game, with pets having an over 80% chance of being this rarity. It is the first of the ten rarities, with Tier I potions and enchants also falling into this category.

  2. Rare: Rare is the second most frequent rarity, marked by the color pastel green. Many items in the game, along with Legendary, fall under this rarity. It is the second rarity and features a 1-star symbol. Tier II potions and enchants are also classified as Rare.

  3. Epic: Epic is the third rarity, characterized by the color baby blue. Numerous items and pets possess this rarity, which is indicated by a 2-star symbol. Tier III potions and enchants are of Epic rarity as well.

  4. Legendary: Legendary is the fourth rarity and one of the most common in Pet Simulator 99, encompassing 114 items. The color pastel orange represents this rarity, marked by a 3-star symbol. Tier IV potions and enchants are also Legendary.

  5. Mythical: Mythical, the fifth rarity, includes some of the game's most valuable items, such as key pieces and Glitch Core. This rarity is represented by the color pastel red and a four-pointed star symbol. Tier V potions and enchants are Mythical.

  6. Exotic: Exotic is the sixth rarity, mostly featuring enchants like Starfall, Fortune, and XP potions. The color neon pink represents this rarity, which has a 2 four-pointed star symbol. Tier VI potions and enchants fall under the Exotic category.

  7. Divine: Divine, the seventh rarity, is common in Ultimates and World 2 pets. Represented by the color pastel yellow, this rarity has a 3 four-pointed star symbol. Tier VII potions and enchants are also Divine.

  8. Superior: Superior is the eighth rarity and the third rarest in the game. Featuring powerful potions like The Cocktail or the Huge Potion, this rarity is represented by the color very pale blue and an octagram symbol. Tier VIII potions and enchants are Superior.

  9. Celestial: Celestial, the ninth rarity and second rarest in the game, features the most powerful charms (Royalty and Overload) and valuable items. Represented by a mix of pale pink and pale blue colors, this rarity has 2 octagram symbols. Both Tier IX and Tier X potions and enchants are Celestial.

  10. Exclusive: Exclusive, the tenth and rarest rarity, includes the most items and pets, totaling 609 items, including 503 pets, 2 items, 16 enchants, 3 ultimates, 22 hoverboards, 42 eggs and gifts combined, and 21 booths. Represented by the color baby purple, this rarity is marked by three symbols: 3 stars (like Legendary), 3 gem-filled stars, and a crown. Huge and Titanic pets are also in this rarity.

Finding Rare Eggs

Rare eggs are the starting point for acquiring rare pets in Pet Simulator 99. These eggs are scattered throughout the game world, often in challenging-to-reach locations or requiring substantial in-game currency or gems to purchase. Some of the most sought-after eggs include the Legendary Egg, Mythical Egg, and Exclusive Egg. Each of these eggs has a unique set of potential pets, with varying degrees of rarity and power.

To increase your chances of finding rare eggs, participate actively in in-game events and challenges. The developers frequently host special events where rare eggs are more likely to appear or can be obtained as rewards for completing tasks. Additionally, keep an eye on updates and announcements from the game’s official channels, as new eggs and pets are periodically introduced.

Pet Simulator 99 Huge Pets

Not only pets, but HUGE PETS are available - and are highly lucrative | Source: TheGamer

Hatching Rare Pets

Once you have obtained a rare egg, the next step is hatching it to reveal the rare pet inside. Among these rare pets, 'huge' pets are a specific category that are highly valuable and can be hatched from certain eggs. The process of hatching eggs in Pet Simulator 99 can be influenced by several factors, including boosts and in-game events that increase the chances of hatching rare pets. Using lucky boosts, which can be purchased or earned through gameplay, significantly enhances the probability of obtaining a rare pet from an egg.

Timing your egg hatching during special events can also be advantageous. Events such as double luck weekends or holiday specials often increase the drop rates for rare pets, giving you a better shot at adding these prized creatures to your collection. Always stay informed about upcoming events by following the game’s social media channels and community forums.

The Most Coveted Rare Pets

In Pet Simulator 99, certain pets stand out due to their rarity and the exceptional abilities they possess. Here are some of the most coveted rare pets in the game:

  1. The Rainbow Unicorn: Known for its striking appearance and powerful abilities, the Rainbow Unicorn is one of the rarest pets in the game. It is often obtained from the Exclusive Egg and is highly sought after for its high pet simulator 99 values. The recent auction price (RAP) for the Rainbow Unicorn is the average price it has sold for in the last 150 auction sales, though this may not be very reliable for such a rare pet.

  2. The Golden Dragon: This majestic pet not only looks impressive but also provides significant boosts to resource gathering and combat. The Golden Dragon is typically hatched from the Mythical Egg and is a prized addition to any collection.

  3. The Galactic Phoenix: With its dazzling appearance and unparalleled abilities, the Galactic Phoenix is a top-tier pet that can be obtained from the Legendary Egg. Its rarity and power make it a favorite among seasoned players.

  4. The Shadow Hydra: Known for its dark and mysterious aura, the Shadow Hydra is a rare pet that offers unique abilities in both defense and offense. It is often found in special event eggs, making it a limited-edition treasure.

  5. The Celestial Griffin: This ethereal pet combines beauty with strength, providing significant advantages in various gameplay aspects. The Celestial Griffin is another rare find from the Exclusive Egg.

Trading Rare Pets

The rarity and high pet simulator 99 values of these pets make them valuable assets in the game’s trading community. Trading rare pets with other players can be a lucrative endeavor if approached strategically. To get the best deals, always refer to the current pet sim 99 value list to understand the worth of your pets. Engaging with the community through forums and social media groups can also provide insights into the best trading practices and opportunities to find players interested in rare pets.

When trading rare pets, ensure you are dealing with reputable players to avoid scams. Use the official in-game trading system and keep records of your transactions. Negotiating wisely and understanding the market trends will help you maximize your returns from trading rare pets.

Maximizing the Potential of Rare Pets

Once you have acquired rare pets, it is essential to maximize their potential to enhance your gameplay. Playing in events and challenges is crucial to maximize the potential of rare pets. Regularly upgrade your pets using in-game currency to boost their abilities. Combining rare pets can also create more powerful versions, providing even greater advantages. Keep an eye out for in-game items and boosts that can further enhance your pets’ stats and performance.

Additionally, using your rare pets strategically in various game modes can yield significant rewards. Whether it’s in resource gathering, combat, or special challenges, leveraging the unique abilities of your rare pets will give you a competitive edge.

The quest to discover and collect the rarest pets and eggs in Pet Simulator 99 is an exciting and rewarding journey. By understanding the pet simulator 99 values, actively participating in events, and strategically hatching and trading rare pets, you can build an impressive collection that enhances your gameplay experience. Dive into the vibrant world of Pet Simulator 99, and embark on your quest to find and nurture the rarest and most powerful pets in the game. Happy hunting!

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