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| D2R | ROBLOX | Need something you don’t see? CONTACT ME! I can get you any item you need in many games. Look no further! I can create special bundles for larger orders and will negotiate prices on items to ensure a smooth and reliable buying experience. Always know I will always beat another sellers price. My guarantee!
If you have any questions, please send me a message!

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NEED A BUNDLE? Pick some of my Overlook Bay items and I’ll make a good bundle for you!
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Uniques | Hardcore Ladder

$2,499.99 USD
digital transfer

Map | D2R Power Leveling

$64.99 USD
digital transfer

Limited | Galactic Lion

$21.99 USD
digital transfer

Limited | Gingerbread Man

$13.99 USD
digital transfer

Limited | Gingerbread Man

$13.99 USD
digital transfer

Other | D2R Services and Items

$999.99 USD
digital transfer

Bundle | Kelp Shake 50x

$10.00 USD
digital transfer

Bundle | 5 spider bat

$18.99 USD
digital transfer

Map | Act 5 nm Completion

$5.99 USD
digital transfer