Jogue Com Pros de APEXLEGENDS

Improve your skills, rank up faster, and become a better player to win more! Play APEXLEGENDS with Pros to perform at peak level and enjoy the game even further!

You deserve experienced highly-skilled players as coaches or teammates to give you winner feedback on the spot. Pick your APEXLEGENDS Pro below and start your first session right now!

Como jogue com Pros funciona


Escolha o Pro que gostaria de jogar com e compre uma sessão.


O Pro irá entrar em contato com você e dar detalhes sobre a sessão.


Entre no jogo e junte-se ao grupo do Pro para aprender e dominar!

Junte-se ao nosso Time de Pros e comece a ganhar ainda hoje!

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Apex Legends: Battle royale evolved

When it comes to battle royale shooters, there's no doubt that Apex Legends is the one bringing the most sophisticated movement and gunplay systems to the table. It all spices up with the Legends, characters with unique abilities and purposes in the battlefield, making Apex's game meta expansive and very fun to play. In competitive play, all these elements come into play at full force, so Apex Legends consistent winners have to be fast, precise, and develop a deep understanding of each of the Legends to come up with the best strategies, Legend team combos and counter-combos.

It’s said that the more you play, the better you become in a game. We completely agree with this approach, but sometimes you may reach a point where your performance is not on par with your expectations on becoming a better player, ranking higher and most importantly, enjoying your competitive matches consistently. To reach your potentials, you may need help from coaches, experienced and skilled professional players.

That is why we at Gameflip are now offering a new option for you and all gamers that are looking to improve their skills in competitive gaming: Play With Pros. Find a Pro that you like for and join them in the game to learn new tricks while you play. Our Pros are highly skilled players, peak performers that dominate the highest ranks of competitive gaming and are ready to join you in-game for a session. If you’re looking for a trainer, a teammate, or a coach, Play With Pros got you! Start browsing now our roster of Pros and pick the best-suited talent for your competitive journey.

Learn new strategies, improve your performance and find more ways to become the CHAMPION today! Hire your Pro, start your session and GG!

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