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A legit seller who have many stocks of legit wonder and honor guard keys.
(SOLD 800+ honor guard keys in a month and 800+ good feedback except some scammers)If you have any questions ,or want a wholesale price.can leave a comment on gameflip.

Scammer list :Apollex (After i povide enough evidences to gameflip to prevent his scam successfully,he got angry and give a poor feedback

Tyler Kegley (No one can force you to pay,just because you find me have enough evidences to banned your scam,and angry with scam failed. I promise that no any scammer can got a free key from me even I know I will get a poor feedback)

Stranger list :Maaz Khalid ,bro,your order is under review,you should ask gameflip what happend。。 not my issue!

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