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If there is some problem with the key, contact me first, so we can solve it. I will always try to give you good price and never attempt to cheat you, or to scam you. If something unpredictable happens, we can always cancel transaction after you provide proofs for me or Gameflip that key is duplicate/invalid/region locked/wrong game. But then again, my keys are always from trusted sources, so this can happen only accidentally (in copy/paste process).

Also don't forget to check your system first, consult game requirements via Steam (or any other store) link I provide in description, and download latest drivers. If you are able to activate game and put it in your library, but it doesn't work as expected for some other reason, that really isn't my problem to solve it (but I can try even that), and that definitely is not reason to rate me "poor" or "neutral".

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