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Hi, thank you for visiting Modern Retro, an officially featured store by Gameflip! You can also find me on the home page of this amazing app/site! I value all my customers and take care of them like family, but don't take my word for it, please see my ratings and past customers will speak for me. :)

I am a seller, but just like you, I am a buyer as well. I find it appalling how sellers treat their customers these days. It is my belief that if someone decides to spend their hard earned money at my store, I better make it worth their time. I will never let the trust and faith customers have in me go in vain. Top notch customer relation and care is my priority! I wouldn't be where I am without you, my customers. Cheers!

Digital items: (Pokemon Transfers) I have the best reputation with the fastest responses and quickest deliveries. You will always receive more than you purchased. This means you will always get the Pokemon(s) you purchased and on top of that a few other surprise shiny and/or legendary Pokemon. If I ever give you a double you already have, please message me and I'll give you a different one. :)

Physical items: All purchases are shipped the same day before 2PM EST **(Or when payment is cleared)** Orders after cutoff time will be promptly shipped out the next business day.

If you see a seller with a better deal, let me know and not only will I price match them, but I will also match them Pokemon for Pokemon AND give you extra Pokemons on top of that! Guaranteed value and satisfaction!

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