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English (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent)


✨ All items limited stock available, buy first to get first✨
✨ GMT-5 ✨Online ✨ Mostly ✨
✨ EXPECT A DELAY {college student} ✨
✨ COULD BE SLEEPING (1.00-11:59 A.M GMT-5) ✨

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💬Thank you for supporting small businesses! 💬
1. Place your order with FlexShop.
2. After placing order I can deliver straight to your storm shield if it's a FortNite PVE order.

🔸What you can expect from me:🔸
🟢 Online: 5 minutes to 30 minutes, 1 hour max.
🟡 Nearby: 45-120 minutes.
🟠 Will be on soon and will deliver , please be patient for extra items.
🔴 Offline: 8-12 hours

💢 If you're a reseller there will be no sale 💢
💢 Spamming, disrespect, and harassment will not be tolerated, if you do any of these things, you will be blacklisted and blocked from future orders 💢
💢We fight all con artists, false neutral and negative reviews will be fought.💢
🔸Neutral/Poor reviews will be instantly blocked from future purchase.🔸
💢 Do not order from me if you need your order within 30 seconds 💢
🔸Negativity/Spamming/Toxicity will result in the order being cancelled, and the user being blocked.🔸
🔸I do NOT cancel orders after they have been processed until the duration for the GameFlip guarantee has passed on my end.🔸

🔸I ALWAYS give free extra items for patience. I complete the orders in the order they're purchased in.🔸

🔸I DO NOT jump the line for orders, if you order something and I am working on the order before it, it will not become prioritized to the one before.🔸

📹📹📹 I record every single trade no matter the price. 📹📹📹

🔸This whole store is run by myself, I don't have anyone who helps me, so if I don't respond to your message, I am most likely either:
Sleeping/Afk/Backed up in orders. 🔸

🔸After I deliver, please leave feedback so we can grow as a business, if you leave it to auto-finalize then I MAY refuse future orders. 🔸

If your orders go under review then please go to this link to verify your identity. It should stop the issue from happening again in the future : https://gameflip.com/wallet/verify

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