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Hope everybody is doing good. Your going to see my name pop up from time to time with new games for sale. If there 's a new title that's dropping or has dropped get a hold of me with the title and system and I'll see wut I can do. All games from me are physical copys but I'm going to do the best I can to get them to you as fast as possible and if I list a game and you find it selling on another legit site (your boy Dave don't count) and I can verify it then I'll do what I can to drop the price to match it. I stand by my products 110% so any concerns questions comments boredom etc. Get a hold of me.**READ ME** User Agreement** I will always stand behind my product If you purchase a Amazon gift card and the balance is not correct or you cant load it to your account you must provide screen shots of 1. The error showing it not loading or the wrong balance and 2. Screen shots of your recent gift card activity. If you cant or wont do this do not purchase and by purchasing you do agree 1st your account is your own and you will not hold me liable for any suspensions chargebacks or closures. 2. And that no refund will be given after 30 minutes of purchase and with out 1st providing solid evidence the card is invalid. But please people I try and bring good deals with legit products that I guarantee 100% and I promise to fix any issue that arises. Thats why I use instant delivery so you get your item as fast as possible. So please when you buy from me after you confirm that the product is good like advertised please finalize the order otherwise I have to wait 3 days just for it to autofinalize. Those who ignore this simple request will be blocked from shopping with me. Im sorry but thats the way it has to be. If you accidently forget for a day I understand but theres no reason for me having to wait for 3 days just to finish the order. Thank you all .

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