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English (Fluent)


I'm on most of the day.
I'm a cool guy.
I'm pretty chill
read my bio
I don't take in game items for any purchases.
So here what's up. First: Always read my bio.
Second: don't message me trying to trade in game items for one of my purchases I have everything in the game and don't need anymore in game items. (most people do this to avoid paying if you want something buy it don't waste my time.) I'm chill so be chill don't think you going to try to play me for my stuff in game either follow my rules if not ill refund you and you can waste someone else's time. My messaging system is open so if you spam me because you brought something I get notifications. (not so you can try to buy my stuff for sun beam, sun beam is the most dupe thing in fortnite ( If I'm selling you really think I'd be that dumb?).

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