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New battery and replaceable battery terminal installed--never lose another saved season and replace the battery in seconds, NO SOLDERING REQUIRED! Unlike some sellers who only replace the battery (which will die again eventually), my upgrade lets you easily change the battery yourself, NO SOLDERING EXPERIENCE NEEDED!! Game has been tested to work and saves!

Most retro games stores (if they'll even do it) charge on average $10-15 to replace the battery which is hard soldered so when it dies you have to go back to them again. So for a few dollars more, this upgrade will allow you to change the battery yourself, as many times as needed.

Been a few years since you played the game and it won't save? Pop out the old battery in 2 seconds, then pop in a new one. Bought some value batteries online and they aren't holding a charge? Pop out the old battery in 2 seconds, then pop in a new one. Don't let your old battery explode in the cart (yes, this really does happen!) and spill acid on the board, ruining it in the process!

Cart and box only, front label in good complete condition with no fading, stickers, rips, or markings on the label. Box is custom but looks original. Includes FREE SAME DAY 1ST CLASS SHIPPING WITH TRACKING!!!

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