Warmonger - Very Rare Items Pack (Global Code/ Instant Delivery)

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Items contained in this pack:
3x Drop Chance Potionn: +40% drop chance for 1 hour
3x Random Box of Dye: Provides a random bluish color to dye gear
3x Random Box of Dye: Provides a random redish color to dye gear
Yellow Jewel [5000]: Get 5000 Soft Premium Currency
1x Blessing of Shaia: Increases the Shaia Buff by 1000 Points. These Buff points provide EXP boost and drop chance increase."

To redeem the code:
Head over to https://warmonger-game.com/en/redeem (or substitute the "en" part of the url for you language. E.g.: https://warmonger-game.com/de/redeem ).

Before you enter your code please check if you have the following: The login data of your GIF-Account and at least one character on your account that will receive the items.

After completing these preparations, simply follow the instructions on the screen. Log into your account, enter your code and select the character who shall receive the content package.

Return to the game and visit your in-game mailbox with your previously selected character . If you've done everything correctly a message with some goodies will be waiting for you. Enjoy! ;)

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