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Pokemon Cards: 50 cards Ultra Rares:(Gx, V and Vmax Only)

+$3 Shipping

$135.00 USD

50 pokemon cards: 24 Near Mint/ Mint Ultra Rares and Holo Cards + 21 bonus holo/reverse holo/ nonholo rares and uncommon)
1 x Entei V
1 x Suicune V
1 x Raikou V
1 x Zacian V
1 x Zamazenta V
1 x Zamazenta V w/ Trainer
1 x Copperajah V
1 x Darkrai V
1 x Mewtwo Gx
1 x Lucario Gx
1 x Galarian Zapdos V
1 x Falinks V
1 x Morpeko V
1 x Luxray V
1 x Toxtricity V
1 x Boltund V
1 x Boltund Vmax
1 x Toxtricity V
1 x Celebi Vmax
1 x Trevenant Vmax
1 x Rillaboom Vmax
1 x Butterfree V
1 x Oranguru V
1 x Zarude V

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