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1 month ago



Type: Class build

It comes with the following 10 items!

Redundant face puncher 134x14 (melee 25% terror)

Super supercharged everblast++ (5 mirv homing) shock

Poison humongous everblast+ (4 mirv homing) corrosive

Frozen everblast+ (5 mirv homing) cryo

Unlimited firesale everblas++ (4 mirv homing) fire

Rad everblast+ (5 mirv homing) radiation

The transformer (bonus 50% shock damage

Desperate entrenched bloodletter (+28% splash damage +27% grenade radius +30% grenade damage)

Cutpurse deathless (+30% grenade damage +33% area of effect damage +40% magazine size)

It’s piss (terrified gain increased damage and fire rate)

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