MapleStory 2 MASTER Package Steam KEY instant value $100

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MapleStory 2 MASTER Package Steam KEY instant value $100

Includes the following:
*** A total of 60 days of Premium Club Membership
*** Grants bonus EXP and Mesos, reduced Trade Fees, allows access to a Remote Bank and unlimited Rotors Walkie-Talkies, Party Bonus to *** non-PvP Speed and much more! Learn more about it in the Founder's Pack FAQ.
*** Gold Ribbon Outfit Package
*** A snazzy outfit with variants for both male and female characters. Get dressed to the nines before you get in a scrap with this Founder's *** Pack exclusive outfit!
*** Founder's Regalia Chat Bubble
*** This Founder's Pack exclusive modifies your Chat Bubble with a special flare, to help you stand out from the crowd!
*** 5,000 Blue Merets
*** A special currency that can be spent in MapleStory 2 for outfits, hairstyles, house decorations and much, much more! 100 Merets is worth 1,000 NX ($1 USD).
*** Mark of the Founder Hat
*** A hat based on the classic Mark of the Beta hat from MapleStory's original Beta, and can only be obtained through a Founder's Pack!
*** Founder's Regalia Name Tag
*** A special decoration, exclusive to the Founder's Pack, for your character name tag to let everyone know about your early support!
*** Prismatic Harmony Unicorn
*** An adorable Unicorn land mount with gorgeous pink fur, exclusive to the Founder's Pack!
*** Instant Access to Head Start!

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