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Used By: Disruptor

Stormcharge Dragoon

Blade of the Stormcharge Dragoon

Mantle of the Stormcharge Dragoon

Hat of the Stormcharge Dragoon

Scabbards of the Stormcharge Dragoon

Wraps of the Stormcharge Dragoon

Fowl of the Stormcharge Dragoon

Astride the focused storm, Disruptor stalks the boundaries of battle, ready to strike down his enemies and lead his tribe's return to a place of distinction and honor.

Quality: Standard, Rarity: Mythical, Type: Wearable, Slot: Shoulder, Hero: Disruptor
GameDOTA 2
NameMantle of the Stormcharge Dragoon
Market Hash NameMantle of the Stormcharge Dragoon
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Murkshimi XBOX Supplier [Offline]

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