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-You MAY purchase when I'm Unavailable or if you are not available - that's fine!!

-If my profile name says "🔵 Available," I will be able to provide you with the Item(s) listed within 1.5 hours of purchasing, unless otherwise specified.

-If my profile name says "⚫️ Unavailable, (or there is no "Status" at all)," then it could be hours until I am able to provide the Item(s) listed; I will of course let you know when I plan on becoming Available again as soon as I am able to do so! Ask when I'll be available in the Comments, if you'd like!

-Once you have purchased the Item(s), please provide your gamertag (because the Gameflip mobile app does not show me the gamertag you entered upon purchasing) and provide me with one or more time windows that you plan on being available. Planning ahead is important so that you and I both don't need to drop whatever we're doing suddenly to trade, should it be difficult to do so. After all, not hearing from someone after 14 hours only to have them harass you to trade "now" is very unpleasant and anxiety-inducing. I will do the same, and we can continue to narrow things down from there!

-If we both have Party issues, I'll likely ask if you have a friend on who I can trade to so they can give you your item. That being said, it must be clearly stated on Gameflip who the stand-in recipient is!

-From what I understand, if your purchase is under review, check your email and follow the steps there to verify your purchase :)

-I've got plenty to see in my storefront, so feel free to browse around and see if there's anything you like!

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