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I started on your order instant when i get message from Gameflip system. If you have some question about product / about price for product you can leave me comment and i will answer instant if i´m online. I´m in Gameflip club so you can buy from me without additional ( trash ) fees. I´m very happy that gameflip did these changes. Price´s are low as i can, but please about your understanding i want have some earning like everybody !

I want provide fast and cheap products / services. I hope that you will satisfied with my services. I do not hide my identity or something because i want your trust .... I´m human

Enjoy my products ! I want smile on your face ....

Price´s are still variable. If you think that i sell the product expensive so contact me and i will check price for your product again and I know how to make a deal !

I´m also gamer and understand that price for product is important !

Important note !!
I'm starting to work on your order instant after I received the order. I gave the processing time two days in case there were any problems. If it's ever going to happen, it'll ever happen that you'll get your goods instantly.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

I'm trying to work for my customers to the fullest!

Sincerely, Michal Miskovic

Please don´t forget, that i work on your order only if i´m online !

Thanks for understanding ....

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