Apparel | #Clothing 5$ or Less

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Apparel | #Clothing 5$ or Less

#please do not purchase this listing#
#please do not purchase this listing#

Please make comment with what you would like and we can make a custom listing for you.

Bathrobe $4.50
Bloody chef outfit & hat $5.00
Bomber jacket $5.00
B.o.s special ops suite $5.00
B.o.s special ops mask $5.00
Chally the moo moo outfit and mask $5.00
Civil war ear dress 2.99
Civil war ear suit & top hat 2.99
Confederate unifourm&hat 2.99
Halloween skeleton &skull $2.99
Hallowen witch costume and hat $2.99
Imposter sheep sasquatch outfit&helmet $2.50
Long shormen outfit&hat $5.00
Mr fuzzy outfit & head $5.00
Mr fuzzy hard hat $3.50(Yellow,blue,red)
Responders paramedic jumpsuit $2.99
Responders police unifourm &cap $2.99
Sheepsquatch mascot &head $2.50
Skiing outfit navy and orange $2.50
Skiing outfit red and green $3.99
Skiing outfit purple and white $4.50
Vtu Baseball cap $4.99
Vtu jacket and jeans $2.50
Valut tec jumpsuits $5.00
Western outfit $2.50
Western outfit with chaps $3.50

Bottle&cappy red jacket&jeans $3.99
bottle&cappy orange jacket&Jean's $3.99
Cappy jacket&Jean's $3.99
Nuka world geyser jacket&Jean's $3.99
nuka world jacket&Jean's $3.99

Pristine miner unifourm $4.00
Clean miner hat $4.00
Clean ranger hat $4.00
clean ranger outfit $4.00
clean skiing hat $4.00
Clean steel workwear unifourm $4.00
Clean steel worker hat $4.00
Clean space suite $4.00
Clean space helmet $4.00
Clean straight jacket $4.00

All shielded underarmours $4.00
All 15 faschnat masks in stock comment for a price.

If your looking for something that is not listed feel free to comment and we will see what we can do for you
(Rare outfits excluded)
GameFALLOUT 76 - PS4

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