[Instant] Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X HD (Xbox 360)

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1 year ago

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This listing is for Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD on Xbox 360. I don't believe this code will work on Xbox One so, you know, don't buy it to play on Xbox One. Can you believe people buy my shit without reading the description and get mad at me when it doesn't work like I said it wouldn't? Wild. Also I'm not moving on the price of this game. If you don't have three goddamn dollars, then shut up. Stop begging. Why are you here? Anyway this game is cool. You're cool. Unless you beg and have the bargaining skills of a white mom who has been plopped in the middle of an Egyptian bazaar. Ain't no managers here, Karen. You're in my fucking house and you will put some 'spec on my name. You're the type of people who got flexed on in high school by weed dealers who sold you oregano. Unless you're the cool and reasonable people who typically buy my cheap stuff without complaint -- then you're fine people and I will happily work with you on some items I have in my store; and I hope you get a kick out of this item description. Ya'll have a nice day.

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XBox 360
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