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In the 26th century, humanity has become utterly and irreversibly stupid, caught in a 21st century social media world loop. A lead-footed tub of goo by the name of U.H. Wutt demonstrates the special powers to read and react which is problematic with the worlds droid overlords. Because of it, U.H Wutt has been sentenced to Death by Game Show.
Key features

The Big Show - You’re chained to the GameShow Intimidation Masheen of Pwnage (“Bring out The G.I.M.P.”) – Use it to spawn droids, call in building support, and dominate the field of play. Win an arsenal from the Wheel of Misfortune game show spinner and then risk it all as you struggle through many brutal challenges.

Droid Rage - 10 different cheap-@ss droids including the roller-skating ninja Madichin and the toothy, British airborne bomb dropper RD-SLK. Plus experience six unique power-ups including the Speed Runner, It’s Got Electrolytes, Sexy Time, and Mama Said Knock You Out.

Weapons & Buildings - Outlandish defensive weapons & buildings that feature “Upgrayedd” technology, including:

Yeah B*tch! Magnets! – a giant toaster that shoots oversized exploding magnets.

The Scrote Hammer – a set of swinging hammers that crush nuts.

Droid Barracks — Wait, a more alarmist name would be… Kent Brockman’s Killbot Factory.

DieSuperheroDie – all superheroes & zombies were rounded up in the 22nd century and electrocuted with this invention.

Rust in Peace – delivers a Megadeth-sized barrel of bereavement

Rectal Furnace – power begets power begets stink.

Make It Your Own - Build challenges, customize skins, and edit all text in game – Make the Death by Game Show experience your own via the Steam Workshop.


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