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Genuine gift card for $5.00 USD
Can be used for Google Play, US only.
Please redeem, complete the transaction, and rate me. I'll do the same. Also, if you have received an error notice when you tried to redeem a card from Google Play stating that you must provide more information, or that your code "didn't work", this is an issue between you and Google with regard to the number of gift cards you've been redeeming to your account. This has nothing to do with the gift card. Google security flags accounts for the number of redemptions and may put a hold on your account; again this has nothing to do with any specific code. Purchase this gift card at your own risk. If you have not redeemed a whole bunch of Google Play codes, you're likely safe. If you redeem a card and see either of these two error messages, I will not issue a refund. It is a valid code and you must work it out with Google, however arduous the process. If you receive a notice that there is zero balance, I will investigate this with you to make sure you didn't mistype anything.
These are legitimate codes - safe to resell, safe to keep for a long time before redemption (if you so desire). You're welcome to take your time completing the transaction, but please don't forget about it or you might forget to rate!
Link to redeem once your code is delivered:

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