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This listing gets you $25.00 in VUVU.com credit. You will receive five codes, each valued at $5.00, for a total of $25.00. The codes have a prefix of VLSS. Only FIVE codes with the SAME prefix may be redeemed per account. If you have redeemed codes with the prefix VLSS already DO NOT PURCHASE THESE.

These codes expire on 01/02/2021. When you redeem them on vudu.com, the expiration date may extend UP to a year from that date. Or it may not, so expect to have to use them by 01/02/2021. These are for use in US Vudu accounts only.

NOTE: If you have used Vudu credits previously, you are ONLY allowed to redeem FIVE (5) codes from each prefix to your account. If you have already redeemed five codes with this prefix, you will NOT be able to redeem these to your account. I am not responsible for an error on your part. If you have exceeded the allotted redemption, these are NOT returnable. The codes are valid and working. Check my ratings and decide if you want to purchase from me or not!

Before I listed these, I wrote to GameFlip, and they permitted me to list them. If GameFlip changes their mind, I will remove the listing.

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