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Hi, I am Max aka Manitou, a "PC" grand champion rocket league player [1550-1600] MMR with 6000 hours+ game time and more than 1000 hours in coaching from bronze through GC 1800.

-1hour will get you 1 replay analysis + mechanical training ((OR)) live coaching.
-2 hours will get you 2 replays + mechanical training ((OR)) live coaching.
-3 hours will get you 3 replays analysis + mechanical training + live coaching.

-I coach in both french and english.
-I also cover video/control/camera in-game settings to optimize your game experience.
-The region your playing in doesnt matter as well as your platform. PC-PS4-Xbox-Switch are all welcome.


-Replay analysis. If you do not have any , we can play together and I will save the number of replays we need. Could be 3v3, 2v2, 1v1. I am going to try and create situations in-game to see how you react to them and act as a random player to give you a solo queue feeling.
#The analysis is including, //Positionning//Rotating//Boost Management//Transitions offense to defense (vice versa)//Awareness//Decision Making//Questionning to make sure you get what I explanned if required.


-Mechanical training, to push you up to what you can handle and perfect what you already know. I can teach you any in-game mechanics and make a custom tutorial replay that you can go back to anytime you need.
#Mechanical training is both for controller and keyboard. The point is to make sure you have as many tools as possible to have fun and compete regardless the rank your playing.


-Live coaching is going to be me teaming up with you, in ranked or casual (2v2 and or 3v3) to help you improve your overall gameplay but mostly your decision making.
**All of it will scale with your current rank and competency.**


##Contact me before paying anything and do not be shy to ask your questions if there is any.##

!!For more information feel free to message me through gameflip or ask for my discord in private!!

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