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😎Hello! I am an analyst player of valorant. I will coach you and teach you some of the best tips I can give you.I am not professional btw I watch too many matches on it so lets see what can I teach you, remind that the best coaches are not in the top.😎

📦The 1&2 hours package are the same, I will coach/analyst you for 2horus for 10$📦

⏰I usually respond to messages within 10 minutes unless I am asleep or at the University. Most of the time, I can play the same day that you are wanting to play unless it's late and i'm about to get off.⏰

❓Why should you choose me to help you rank up over everyone else?
❗️My gamesense was always like a magician but my skills doesnt help so what I try is to understand the game at the 100%

👀If you don’t see what you are looking for, then send me a private message of what you are looking for and I’ll make a specific package for you.👀

❓If you have any other questions, message me.❓

💬The BEST way to get in touch with me is to click the button that says “Contact Seller” to the right on my name.💬

➡️I can analyst on whatever server, but the mine is EUROPE⬅️
1-hour session with Pro
Play a 1-hour session with the Pro
60 minutes session | 1 day delivery
2-hour session with Pro
Play a 2-hour session with the Pro
120 minutes session | 1 day delivery
3-hour session with Pro
Play a 3-hour session with the Pro
180 minutes session | 1 day delivery


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