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Complete 10x successfully completed the storm king boss each time killed.
Bring a friend or come alone and I will carry 10x successful completed portal boss the storm king!
Portal Boss AKA Storm King Boss is a large huge boss in Fortnite Save The World. The Rewards are randomly generated: Loot chance drop: Rare, Epic, Legendary schematic's, Material caches (Pure Drop of Rain, Lightning in a bottle, etc) and perk up caches rare, epic or even legendary.

7.0 Fornite STW Patch Notes:

When you load into the mission you'll find yourself inside a dark cave. From that moment on, it will be up to you to figure out how best to take him down.
Defeating the Storm King for the first time will grant you Anthony, the final member of Steel Wool! You'll also get a Legendary Weapon Schematic, RE-PERK and Epic PERK-UP.
Once per day, defeating the Storm King (or helping friends do the same) will grant a Miniboss Mission Alert Reward!
Upon every completion, you will receive Survivor, Hero or Schematic XP.
You will also receive 4 to 5 caches containing a mix of Epic or Legendary Schematics, Perk Materials and Evolution Materials.
This isn't our last foray into the lair of the Storm King! Keep an eye out for more information about his future upcoming appearances - both in earlier zones...and later ones!


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