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stay away from her cheap fortnite codes.

They're too cheap to be true. I asked an epic employee and they are going to take action against her and the codes she has been selling.
Scammed me twice times through lying and deceiving me into thinking she will add extra purchase items, as well as codes that are invalid, and much more.

I emailed EPIC & was told KELSEY'S NOT AUTHORIZED to sell such codes, and they are going to take action against her as well as the codes she has been selling.

In the third image; I tried to buy another cheap and obviously fake code from her just to see if she would at least talk to me about why she scammed me, etc. Evidently, she immediately canceled the order
An excerpt from the GAMEFLIP email, KELSEY exclaims: "I don't want him to buy from me", since SHE KNOWS she previously scammed me and doesn't want to confront me about it - typical thief/scammer behavior.

She has good reviews because she gets you to rate & confirm the transaction (DESPITE THE CODES ARE UNRELEASED/INVALID, which can possibly result in some account ban). DO NOT PURCHASE HER CODES as she will most definitely try to take advantage of you, as she did w/ me. If it sounds too good to be true (like the cheap fortnite codes that Kelsey ❤️has listed), it is not true. All I can say is - STAY AWAY


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