I will Professionally Develop and Coach You in League of Legends.

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  2 days delivery
- 1 hour of VOD reviews.

- Brief checking of op.gg for basic information.

- Personalised approach. Tell me your own views!
Hi! My name is James "Torok" Thomsen and I am offering a personalised, professional and friendly coaching experience for your development as a player.

Please see my personal profile for experience information. This page will be dedicated to what I can do for you.

OP.GG Review.

Champion pool review and creation.

VOD reviewing/personal coaching up to diamond level. Team reviews of any rank.

Happy to go over any part of the game you specifically want to learn about or look for flaws in your own gameplay during our VOD review; and help to remove those recurring misplays which hinder you from climbing.

Please contact me for greater specifics here, or on twitter: https://twitter.com/TorokLOL

Thanks for taking your valuable time to read this.

See you on the rift.


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