I will I will make you a cool looking Mega Castle

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I build some of the best CASTLES in Fortnite STW

I have built over 15 Castles, the inside is ALOT Different to any other I will build, and can do add ons!

I can build On Plankerton, Canny and Twine

I can build a castle for you, to your liking, if you want ANYTHING Changed about the base, I'd be happy to!

If you don't want to have the hassle of helping, you can do whatever you want (Go to school, eat, work and I'll be happy to get it done)\

the outside will look the same but the inside will look a lot different from any others that I built
  7 days delivery
Mega Castle tear 1 this package includes the tier-1 upgrading so only Tier 1 upgrade but I will provide all the mats

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