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Play duos with me to win 1 game.
I will help you win multiple matches on Fortnite through my services. Out of 10 matches played, it is very likely 5 of them will inevitably be wins. I have partaken in a number of Professional Scrimmages, duo wager matches, and 1v1 wager matches. At the time of this writing, I have achieved a total of 734 wins across two of my accounts. On the first account, being my main account where the service will be ran, I have 532 wins, on my second account I have 202 wins. I have hours of experience with carrying either my friends to wins, or random people I end up meeting who have not won at all. I have a substantially decent k/d being 3.44, with a total of 17,923 kills on both accounts; on my main 10,772 and on my second 7,151. I have often also been deemed to have in game superiority. I am also Champions in Arena and have qualified for every in game prize tournament. Hope to help you soon!


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