I will Help! 2 hours on Xbox/Switch! Next Season High School Esports Coach

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* 2 hours of game play analysis
I will coach with on the fly training during casual matches. I will record replays and watch on MY time and will have detailed information and things to work on for the next time we meet!
Hello! My name is Zach Lara! I am in the works of becoming the local high school Esports coach for Rocket League and would love to do the same outside the high school and build a resume.

I was also on the Team Captain for Nestle Esports and currently play on Hydrogen a Champ1/2 team!

I am offerings services of Weekly classes to ranking up in competitive!


If you choose to do weekly classes(or when you can) I will have a portfolio of your progression throughout our training sessions and will have either rank or mechanic goals we will progress through together!

Also since this is new and I am wanting you to develop as a player I will offer promotions with repeating players taking classes!

Thank you guys so much and I hope to be ranking up with you guys soon!


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