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Hello all, I have been playing Rocket league for 4 years now and ı have over 4000 hours. I have been Grand champ in 2s and 3s since season 6. I have boosted a lot of players before to their desired rank. My current elo is 1650 in 2s. I haven't grinded this season yet but last season I was 1800 ın 3s and 1700 ın 2s. I can easily get you to your desired rank in no time. Also I can help you to understand the game better and to be a better player overall :)

I can easily deliver your purchase within a day. Feel free to contact with me anytime.

Also add me from discord for details: Pasha R1#4131
  1 day delivery
Price depends on your rank and your desired rank. For details contact with me.

The price is just for represent.
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