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Message me what you need done and I will give you a price. once price is given I will add a new tier for you to purchase.
Hi i'm James and i'm an amateur video editor with lots of experience. I have taken classes at full sail university and Southern New Hampshire University. I am able to edit in Vegas pro and premiere (I mostly edit in Vegas Pro because that is what I own). I am willing to edit just about anything from a lets play to a wedding video ( I doubt I will getting many of those though). My pricing depends on what the job is, if you have a job for me tell me in the comments or message me. I will evaluate what that project is and how long it will take and get back to you on pricing. All media used in the video must be given to be before hand (most likely in a email). Time also depends on what the project is, I will most likely have it to you within a few days. If I Don't finish the project by the time I tell you it will be done you will get a free steam game (I don't know what the game will be it depends on what keys I have). I hope my product will be of service thank you for your time and have a nice day.


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